Java Psion Link FAQ

Will IR (Infrared) work?

The short answer is no. The longer answer is maybe. I have only heard from others that it does not. In principal it should work, as the IR port should look and act like any other serial port, but in practice this seems to not be the case. As I don't have an IR port on any of my other machines I am unable to get to the bottom of the problem. So if there are any developers out there with IR ports I'd love to get some help on this.

JPL says it can't find any serial ports (or that I may not have permission to access any), what's going on?

When this happens it's normally because either the serial port or javax.comm are not installed properly. This results in JPL not finding any serial ports and thus reporting the fact. So if you are using a USB serial adapter make sure you have installed the drivers properly, test accessing the serial port with another program if you can.

On some systems (say Linux) you may also need to give yourself access permissions for the serial port.

How do I restore from a backup?

The latest version of JPL lets you restore from backup easily, but here are some notes regarding backups, which may be handy if you only want to restore a few files:

The backups are stored in standard zip files and are labelled along the lines:

You can unzip the archives to access your files. Then you can upload whichever files you want, back to your psion.

Will JPL work with SIBO machines?

Currently no. I have been donated a Workabout recently, but I would need to restructure JPL a bit to get it working. At the moment JPL will recognise the fact you are trying to use a SIBO machine and tell you that it does not work with SIBO machines yet.

If there are any developers who want to give it a shot I can tell them exactly what needs doing. At the link level it's not much different, it's just fitting it all in with the current GUI.

Where are my backups stored?

This depends partially on your operating system. I ask the operating system for the "user.home" directory and then store the backups inside "/jpl2/backups/". So for a psion that has been given the name "netBook", a backup on a Linux system might exist in "/home/john/jpl2/backups/netBook".

My computer does not have any serial ports, which adapter should I use?

This is mainly important for Apple Macs, as they now only have USB ports and no serial ports. For MacOS X it is important to get a USB Serial Adapter that has drivers for OS X. There are two that I know of:

The Keyspan adapter apparently has very good drivers, but costs a bit more. I have heard of lots of people using it without any problems.

The 2nd adapter is often sold by different vendors and is cheaper, but the drivers are maybe not quite as good. I have this adapter and sometimes it needs unplugging and re-plugging back in to make it work, but usually it works fine. However the drivers coem on a mini CD-ROM (8cm/3in) so if (like me) you have a slot-loading CD drive you will need to either find the drivers online or (like me) use an external (tray loading) CD drive.

On Windows you can probably buy whichever adapter you want as I'd be surprised if it did not have drivers for it.

The Keyspan adapter is also claimed to work under Linux.

Does JPL have any Synchronization abilities?

Currently JPL can only synchronize the clock of a Psion with that of a "host" computer. It has no other synchronization abilities.

Mac users should investigate aSync by Noriyuki Mihashi. This program allows users to synchronize iCal files on the Psion with Agenda files. This involves copying the iCal files to the Psion, running aSycnc and then copying the iCal file back. This may be a process that can be automated in future versions of JPL.

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