Games & Demos

chrss: chess by rss

A correspondance chess by rss service I've been working on lately. Written in Python using Turbogears.


A Simple "Retro" game that I wrote on my Psion, whilst travelling in Australia.

Fractal Applet

A Java Applet demonstrating the "Mandelbrot" fractal. This was an entrant in a 4K competition, so the (compressed) applet weighs in at less than 4 Kilobytes.

A Fairy

Another 4K entrant. A vector-based fairy floating around, that gets a bit angry if you move the mouse over it.

Blackhole Simulation

An applet demonstrating particles being sucked into a blackhole (in 3D). I also took the time to anti-alias the particles, so they do not jump from pixel to pixel, but should flow smoothly between them.

2D Racing Game

A networked racing game I wrote in about a week. Proved very popular for lunchtime racing over the office LAN. It's rigid body dynamics mean you can skid around corners with finesse.

YARTS (Yet Another Real Time Strategy)

This is a project I worked on with a couple of friends. We have not really had much time to work on it lately, but we had fun doing it.

4K Shooter

A tiny little shoot 'em up.

Termite Mound Simulator

A 3D simulation of termites building a termite mound.

Jump Forever

Skipping as a mobile phone game.