An attempt to cultivate the right side of my brain

A few attempts at drawing

I thought I would make a gallery of some pictures that I have drawn/painted/crayoned. They are not that great, but I thought it would be a good way of encouraging me to draw. I am trying to find stuff that I drew years ago too. It's kind of fun to see how ones style/ability changes.

I've also tried a little animation, mainly using Moho. It's a bit time consuming though.

brownskirt.jpg kittens.jpg girlcol.jpg purplefairy.jpg guitar.jpg crazygolf.jpg elven.jpg girlinblue.jpg girlandcat.jpg youngandironic.jpg dancin.jpg purplefairy2.jpg girl2.jpg devilgirl.jpg gemma.jpg ren.jpg browneyedgirl.jpg stimpy.jpg shinyredboots.jpg sis.jpg brownhatgirl.jpg catandluke.jpg purpleleavesskirt.jpg johncash.jpg purpleskirt.jpg dreamingofpies.jpg mangagrad.jpg post-its.jpg hand.jpg wonderwoman.jpg blackcoat.jpg perlgirl.jpg violetskirt.jpg feetgirl.jpg florence.jpg lightbulbzombie.jpg inkflorence.jpg blackhoody.jpg rock.jpg selfportrait.jpg pirate.jpg knickersgirlsketch.jpg inkgirlskirt.jpg girl.jpg dino.jpg jacko.jpg wcolorgirl.jpg bluebed.jpg kurt.jpg shirtguy.jpg tomcat.jpg anidifranco.jpg parkagirl.jpg violetgirl.jpg dog.jpg madeline.jpg girllyingdown.jpg selfportrait2.jpg dancinboy.jpg sittingtree.jpg censored1.jpg redhoodgirl.jpg monkey.jpg censored2.jpg missvixenish.jpg joss.jpg

In retrospect

I wish I had carried on with art at school. I used to like it, but there were other things I wanted to do too. Animation was one of those things I dreamed of being able to do as a child. I think was was too ambitious in my dreams and camcorders with single frame capture were way too expensive.

If only I'd had Moho when I was younger.