Y*A*R*T*S 2


I have started to write some "developer diaries" on the physics engine for YARTS2. I am aiming for a relatively simple 3D physics engine. As it is being used for an RTS it will ignore rotation/torque, but should still be quite flexible.

As part of developing YARTS2 I will also be working on ZCrypt, which is a scripting language/VM. I have written one version of this already, but have been re-writing it to make it easier to use with java. I have made a few notes on what I plan to do/how I plan to do it.


Here is a quick preview of YARTS2. As you can see it is 3D. The sprites were created using a simple block building program I wrote and will probably not be the final sprites, but will be suitable for development.

screen shot

You can also have a look at the images used for the tank sprites. The black lines are used as markers seperating each individual frame. This makes it easy to split the one image into several smaller ones.

The main YARTS2 page.