Miki: a MIDP Wiki


Miki is a simple MIDP Wiki. I wrote it to see how easy it would be to do using MIDP. In principle Miki can run on any Java-enabled mobile phone that supports J2ME MIDP 1.0. It can also be run on any PDA that supports MIDP (e.g. Palm Pilot).

Entries are basically just text strings. The only special characters are [ and ] (square brackets). These are used to specify a link. By wrapping a word (or phrase) in a pair of these brackets you create a link to an entry with that name. Accessing a link will create the corresponding entry if it does not already exist and then display the entry. This makes creating new entries as simple as creating a link to them.

I would not recommend Miki for serious use, as it currently does not allow you to export/import the data you have entered into it. It is more of a "proof of concept". However feel free to try it out and let me know of any bugs.


Entries Index

The index page, where you can see all entries that have been created.

A single Wiki entry

An example entry. Underlined words represent links to entries. Entry links are specified by wrapping words in square brackets. e.g. [link]