How to make an Origami Frog

Step 1

Make two diagonal folds, forming a cross as shown.

Step 2

Make a third fold, intersecting the previous folds, but fold it the other way. (i.e. the first two folds should form a "valley" and the third fold should form a "mountain").

Step 3

Pull the folds in to form a triangle (bit tricky until you know how to do it).

Step 4

Fold the left and right corners of the triangle, so that they touch the top of the triangle. This should give you the frogs front legs.

Step 5

Fold the straight edges of the paper inwards, so they meet (roughly) at the centre. This forms the body and legs of the frog.

Step 6

Make two folds to form the legs. The top fold will form a "valley" and the lower fold a "mountain".

You should now have a frog (just turn him the right way up).