Phoneme Picker

Phoneme Picker Screenshot


I wrote a little java Mac program for my (then) girlfriend that allows you to easily select english phonemes. It is based on a poster she had of the phonemes. There was a PC program that did this, but that was no good for us.

To use the program make sure that your Word processer is set to use SILDoulosIPA-Regular font, I couldn't figure out how to make the program do this automatically. Simply use the mouse to click on the phonemes you need, then click "Copy" to copy them to the clipboard, then go back to your word processor and paste them in. The (original) program is intended for the mac (classic).

Update 5th May 2004

I've just updated the program to use unicode. The upshot of this is that the new version should work on MacOS X, Windows and/or Linux now.